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Why is ewan® so effective at helping babies to sleep?

The clever thing about soft cuddly ewan® is that he combines a range of 4 calming sounds, together with a warm pink glow, to create a soothing environment that helps settle babies into a long and peaceful sleep.

The sounds are all recorded at a low bass frequency and are then combined with the resting heartbeat of a mom, to produce white noise sound combinations. Pediatric research has shown that white noise can be incredibly effective at calming colicky babies and helping to settle both newborns and older babies to sleep as it reminds them of their soothing experience in the womb.

ewan’s sound combinations are :

womb + heartbeat

vacuum cleaner + heartbeat

rainfall + heartbeat

harp melody + heartbeat

ewan can be used from newborn upwards and is 100% safe, having passed all the required safety standards/testing.

We recommend that ewan is suspended from the crib bar/rail by his Velcro tail until your baby is 12 months old.

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